Thursday, March 03, 2011

Operator's deal

Recently, I visited HGVC's homepage and they showed this article. To offer a balanced view over their statements, I would question their value when it comes to booking of rooms, the usual response is "fully booked"? Of what value is a product when you cannot use it? Similarly, someone can offer me a free stay on the moon but how am I going to get there in the first place? I also am reminded that when I "invested" in a timeshare, the selling point was to hedge against inflation. Afterall, an upfront payment/investment in excees of RM14,000/- was made. Put this amount in a bank and this can also pay for the additional hotel charges instead of feeding an industry called "timeshare". Do I have to illustrate my point with the investors' Rule of 7? Fourteen thousand Ringgit of 13 years ago is not the same as today, just as a cup of coffee is not the same as 13 years, ago.

The operator's deal is as follows, . . .

"Do you know your HGVC membership is the MOST value for money timeshare vacation in the whole region ? Depends on your membership price and annual maintainence fee, the actual price you are paying for a hotel room night stay is only be MYR 50 to MYR 80. While today's hotel room price is easily MYR 130 - MYR 280 !! Not to mention some other GREAT savings from MYR 400-500 etc.

Most of the other offers may end up with an average per room per night stay of MYR 120. Even the next runner up in term of best "value for money" is offering the best average rate at more than MYR 100.

Hotel prices will continue to increase in future but with a timeshare membership, your cost is relatively fixed so you are not affected by this price hike. Some said this is truly an inflation protection.

Do you also realize HGVC membership is the MOST cost effective way for you to assess into more than 6,000 resorts in RCI !? This is truly an amazing gateway for you, your family and your friends to travel all over the world at a fraction of the actual accomodation price.

How have you been capitalized your timeshare membership ?"