Monday, November 28, 2011

Virus attack on HGVC website

Over the long weekend of Awal Murharam, did you visit HGVC's official website. Did you get this message?

"This host was blocked by OpenDNS in response to the Conficker virus, the Microsoft IE zero-day vulnerability, an equally serious vulnerability, or some other threat.

If you think this shouldn't be blocked, please email us at"

Thursday, November 17, 2011

New fax number for KL office

Those of you who wants to fax in your vacation request, kindly use this new number at 03-21641920.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Resignation of Universal Trustee

It is official that Universal Trustee (Malaysia) Berhad has resigned from Heritage Grand Vacation Club. As such, there is no longer the need for the EGM.

Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Extra Ordinary General Meeting at Heritage, Ipoh 2011

The letter, dated 22nd April, 2011 from our LC chairman requesting for an EGM for the purpose of removing the Trustee as provided for under Clause 16.6 has been processed.

The dates as advised by them are; 16th July, 2011 at 11am to be held at Heritage Hotel, Ipoh. Should there be insufficient quorum for this meeting, the adjourned EGM shall be held at the same venue on 30th July, 2011 at 11am.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Homepage is down

Due to some technical difficulty, is temporary down. Please
kindly visit for now.

Please also kindly email to us without the "dot com" extension, for

instead of email to
please email to

Eventually, both and will be up. One as a backup to
another. This is to prevent interruption like now to happen again in

Sorry for any inconvinience caused.


p/s: the same message is posted on our facebook too.

C-2-2 Block C, Megan Avenue 1
189 Jalan Tun Razak, 50400 Kuala Lumpur
Tel : +6 03 2163 1922
Fax: +6 03 2164 1920
Web Site:

"Nilai Warisan Kebanggaan Semua"

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Newly added resorts to go for . . .

Just announced on the official HGVC homepage, "our newly added (affiliation) resorts" i.e.

1) The Centurion All Suite in Cape Town,
The Centurion All Suite Hotel is one of South Africa’s leading self catering holiday accommodation hotels, located in Sea Point, Cape Town. The Centurion Hotel is situated close to amenities, shops, restaurants, the V&A Waterfront, the beachfront and Promenade which makes this an ideal place to stay.

Each spacious suite is beautifully appointed with its own lounge, writing area and kitchen. The interiors are modern and tastefully furnished with quality fittings throughout. The size of accommodation varies between 1-bedroom to 2-bedroom apartments.
2) Prana Resorts & Spa in Koh Samui
Prana Resorts & Spa offers a unique opportunity to experience total rejuvenation amidst an amazing combination of stunning nature, beautiful Thai-inspired accommodation and wholesome vegetarian cuisine.

With panoramic views of the sea, your stay at this eco-friendly boutique resort goes in complete harmony with the environment.

16/8, 16/13-26 Moo 4, Bophut, Koh Samui, Suratthani, 84320 Thailand
Nearest Airport: Samui International Airport – 5km


3) Patong Tower Condominium, Patong Beach."
Patong Tower Condominium is your home away from home and is perfect for family getaway. You get all the comforts and conveniences you are used to even while on holiday. This retreat is set right in the centre of all the action in Phuket. Each one-bedroom unit at the Patong Tower Condominium is fully furnished with partial kitchen facilities, a dining area and a cosy lounge room that comfortably accommodates 4 persons.

110/ 19-20 Thaveewong Road, Patong Beach, Phuket 83150, Thailand
Nearest Airport: Phuket International Airport - 55km

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Official announcement on HGVC web

"Our Ipoh office is moving now. Please kindly contact KL office for all your enquiries and booking requests for now. Thank you !"

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Requisition for EGM to remove Trustee

Hi fellow HGVC members,

I am writing to you as a member of the Liaison Committee (LC) to seek your support in calling for an EGM, proposed by the current Liaison Committee, to pass a resolution to have Universal Trustee (Malaysia) Bhd removed as the Trustee of HGVC.

It is common knowledge that the majority of HGVC members find it extremely difficult to book for the holiday resort they want. We feel that the Trustee could have been more active in protecting our interest.

Recently, several requests made by the LC Chairman to the Trustee to urge them to safeguard and protect the interests of HGVC members have been blatantly ignored, and they have deliberately refuse to respond to those requests. In view of these inactions on the part of the Trustee the LC feels very strongly that the Trustee have repeatedly shown dereliction of duties as stipulated in the Trust Deed and, therefore, they must be removed.

A minimum of 50 members are required to requisite for an EGM. If you are up to date with all your payments to HGVC and have not been defaulted in your payments we urge you to give your consent and signature to our cause so that our rights and investments are not jeopardized.

An EGM requisition form shall be circulated. Please reply by 10th, April 2011.

Thank you.

Lam Siu Kam

Liaison Committee Member.

Resolution at ExtraOrdinary General Meeting.

Pursuant to Para 16.6 of the HGVC Trust Deed, we the members of Heritage Grand Vacation Club, hereby request an E.G.M. to be convened soonest possible to discuss the following:-

1. Trustee’s failure to reply to Liaison Committee’s letter dated 27th July, 2010
2. Trustee’s failure to reply to Liaison Committee’s e-mail dated 12th August, 2010
3. Trustee’s failure to reply to Liaison Committee’s reminder e-mail dated 14th September 2010
4. Trustee’s failure to provide appropriate resolutions to Liaison Committee’s letter of complaint on Operator, dated 23rd December 2010.

We hereby resolved that the Trustee, Universal Trustee (M) Sdn Bhd be removed.
Please e-mail to for details and procedures. Contact with other Liaison Committee members can also be made regarding this matter.

Thursday, March 03, 2011

Operator's deal

Recently, I visited HGVC's homepage and they showed this article. To offer a balanced view over their statements, I would question their value when it comes to booking of rooms, the usual response is "fully booked"? Of what value is a product when you cannot use it? Similarly, someone can offer me a free stay on the moon but how am I going to get there in the first place? I also am reminded that when I "invested" in a timeshare, the selling point was to hedge against inflation. Afterall, an upfront payment/investment in excees of RM14,000/- was made. Put this amount in a bank and this can also pay for the additional hotel charges instead of feeding an industry called "timeshare". Do I have to illustrate my point with the investors' Rule of 7? Fourteen thousand Ringgit of 13 years ago is not the same as today, just as a cup of coffee is not the same as 13 years, ago.

The operator's deal is as follows, . . .

"Do you know your HGVC membership is the MOST value for money timeshare vacation in the whole region ? Depends on your membership price and annual maintainence fee, the actual price you are paying for a hotel room night stay is only be MYR 50 to MYR 80. While today's hotel room price is easily MYR 130 - MYR 280 !! Not to mention some other GREAT savings from MYR 400-500 etc.

Most of the other offers may end up with an average per room per night stay of MYR 120. Even the next runner up in term of best "value for money" is offering the best average rate at more than MYR 100.

Hotel prices will continue to increase in future but with a timeshare membership, your cost is relatively fixed so you are not affected by this price hike. Some said this is truly an inflation protection.

Do you also realize HGVC membership is the MOST cost effective way for you to assess into more than 6,000 resorts in RCI !? This is truly an amazing gateway for you, your family and your friends to travel all over the world at a fraction of the actual accomodation price.

How have you been capitalized your timeshare membership ?"

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Newer Options for HGVC members

More Options for Members

Hotel Seri Malaysia - RM 133 nett w/ 2 breakfast.

RM 155 w/ 3 breakfast

Seri Malaysia Alor Star

extra RM30-50 during weekend, eve and on Public Holiday