Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Requisition for EGM to remove Trustee

Hi fellow HGVC members,

I am writing to you as a member of the Liaison Committee (LC) to seek your support in calling for an EGM, proposed by the current Liaison Committee, to pass a resolution to have Universal Trustee (Malaysia) Bhd removed as the Trustee of HGVC.

It is common knowledge that the majority of HGVC members find it extremely difficult to book for the holiday resort they want. We feel that the Trustee could have been more active in protecting our interest.

Recently, several requests made by the LC Chairman to the Trustee to urge them to safeguard and protect the interests of HGVC members have been blatantly ignored, and they have deliberately refuse to respond to those requests. In view of these inactions on the part of the Trustee the LC feels very strongly that the Trustee have repeatedly shown dereliction of duties as stipulated in the Trust Deed and, therefore, they must be removed.

A minimum of 50 members are required to requisite for an EGM. If you are up to date with all your payments to HGVC and have not been defaulted in your payments we urge you to give your consent and signature to our cause so that our rights and investments are not jeopardized.

An EGM requisition form shall be circulated. Please reply by 10th, April 2011.

Thank you.

Lam Siu Kam

Liaison Committee Member.


Pang Lee Yee said...

You got 2x votes(my vote and my relative votes) on this matter. However, details and alternatives solution may be the option. Wait until then next meeting to convene this issue. Thank you for the updates and notification.

Cheng Sui Guan said...

Thank you for the highlights. However, do you have alternative solution / better way to deal with? Perhaps, prompt follow-up with the mgmt / officer will improve the present situation. Have a great day. Thank you

Anonymous said...

Perhaps, you should provide more evidents + proof(letters, replied letters, reasons, present situations, proposal/alternative solution ..etc..etc) in next general meeting(if there's any) to bring out and discuss this matter. I believed many HGVC members eventually can call each another members to attend the EGM(if any). Early notification by post/email will be effective to listen all HGVC interests. Thank you. Should have + keep as many HGVC members contact numbers/emails to convene an EGM if necessary to do so.