Sunday, August 26, 2007

Dear HGVC members at large

It does not matter if you are a gold member, odd/even or simply a premium member. Login here and share your views or just write something to let off some steam.

This blog has been set up to facilitate the exchange of information/ideas; whereby we can all get "value for money" by simply being a member of the Heritage Grand Vacation Club.

We look forward to see you write more and share with us.


K.M. said...

Thanks to whoever that has this blog set up for us. All HGVC members must come together and chat here in this blog to post whatever comments or complaints etc. Have your voices heard.

KM said...

It is such a common habit of we Malaysians,not wanting to write anything; even when requested to do so if it is an official complaint.
Let us all get out of this habit and do something useful! Exercise your right to speak up when granted that opportunity.If we as members of HGVC, were not provided the services and/or facilities promised, we should voice out, and do so through the proper channel/s provided, such as this blog.
If only more could come forward, it would make a difference - it is this weakness of ours that the operator is taking advantage of. Just look at the past years'Annual General Meetings that had been held; hardly 1% of members turned up when the quorum required is 10%.

Judy said...

List of Resorts as at January 2008

1. Ipoh
2. Cameron Highlands
3. Butterworth Travel Lodge

Aditional local resorts
4. Zon Regency Hotel (Eden Garden)
5. Copthorne Orchid Hotel (since November 2007)
6. Cititel Express KL
7. M Suites
8. City Bayiew
9. Genting Permai
10. Pangkor puteri
11. Paradise Lagoon Hotel
12. Sutra Beach Rsort
13. Holiday Villa Cherating

14. Aseania Seaview Resort
15. Country Heights Kajang
16. Royal Crown Hotel
17. Best Western Resort Country Club, India