Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Complaint - Difficulty In Booking Of Rooms

From: Dominic <>
Date: Thu, Mar 13, 2008 at 1:47 PM
Subject: Complaint - Difficulty In Booking Of Rooms

To: Mr. Toa Kim Meng (Deputy Chairman Complaint Bureau)
As per our tele-conversation dated 11 March 2008, I would like to make some complaints. Listed below are my complaints.

1) I find it tedious making booking of rooms via the phone as the date/ hotel is always fully booked or no vacancy.

2) Since there is no HGVC office in Johor Bahru anymore, it is very inconvenience and very expensive for us to make phone call from JB to make booking of rooms. I have to fax my HOLIDAY REQUEST FORM to KL and wait for the feedback if the requested hotel was fully booked or not.

3) In view of the above points 1 & 2, I cannot fully utilize my 7 nights of entitlement for year 2007 (before 7th May 2008) and the balance 6 nights were forfeited due to unavailable of hotel rooms.

a) Set up an Internet portal where we can check the available dates and hotel to enable us to make online booking.

b) Automatically inform us of any unutilized entitlement so that we can have it accrue to the following year.

c) Reopen the Johor Bahru office.

Member details:
Name : Mr Teoh Kah Tat
Membership no: 231316/I

Best rgds.
Dominic Teoh.


syahazli said...

Agree with the suggestion, I think booking through phone is quite out dated. It is time that HGVC should go for online booking or at least should have capabilties of viewing room availabilities. Instead of faxing request, waiting and keep changing the date in order to match the room availibility it is all just a wasting effort. This is what happen to me last time I want to use it and that does not include the difficuilties of getting a room. It was 2 years ago that the last time I use HGVC membership and had almost forgot that I have it.

Anonymous said...

This is my second year in the Liasion Committee. Since I have joined, I have insisted on getting HGVC to adopt the online method. Unfortunately, excuses after excuses, HGVC have yet to produce results.

Do you have other ideas we can use to pressure HGVC?

Liaison Committee said...

News from Mr. edward Woo, himself on the availability of online booking. This facility is slated to begin early 2009. It is now the 3rd week of February! Let us be patient.

Jessie said...

The worst thing is HGVC website it self was an empty shell. What happen to HGVC actually? They are so dead and inactive like before where we still get magazine sent to us.

Liaison Committee said...

We are suppose to get our newsletter delivered to all members when they send out the announcement for the next AGM and/or adjourned AGM. The tentative dates are 25th July 2009 and 15 August 2009, respectively. Be there at the AGM or send us your proxy so that we can have ONE meeting instead of two, as happened since HGVC's inception.

The venue remains at Heritage Hotel, Ipoh. As the LC, we have requested for door gifts of some sort.

This blog is perhaps the only link which is active with HGVC and this is only a related online website. The official website is still dormant.