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The Association of Timeshare Owners Committee (TATOC

The Association of Timeshare Owners Committee (TATOC) Annual Conference Announced New plans for timeshare ownership. March 27, 2008

Posted by Bryan Connelly

“Radical” changes are set to take place in the mode of operations after the annual convention of Europe’s key vacation ownership lobby and consumer advocate group, The Association of Timeshare Owners Committee (TATOC). Their yearly conference held at the Warrington from March 7 to the 9th 2008, revealed new plans to enhance to timeshare experience for both existing and prospective owners. They have discussed the benefits behind an accreditation process that would examine and award TATOC accreditation.

TATOC is the leading association for members of any timeshare owners’ committee, association, or other similar owners’ representative organization from resorts around the UK and across Europe. The Association has members in the UK, Ireland, Portugal and Madeira, Malta, Austria, Spain and the Canary Islands.

It was felt by the entire committee that their proposed accreditation program would have a considerable positive impact on the marketplace. Secretary General to TATOC, Henry Taylor said “the board has unanimously supported the proposed accreditation process. We feel it is one of the ways that the interest of all timeshare owners and users can be protected. It will also play a positive part in changing the participation of timeshare. The introduction of this service fits with the new mission for TATOC.” This will affect all 250,000 timeshare users at seventy member resorts. The process will require participating resorts to pass a stringent examination procedure that will scrutinize service levels and the full guest experience.

This will allow a resort establishment to display a TATOC Accreditation Endorsement Certificate in their reception area, as well as to fly a TATOC flag outside of the resort. These resorts will also be listed on the TATOC website. The board feels this will be a way to protect the investments of all timeshare owners and users. This will certainly play a positive part in changing the somewhat negative perception of timeshare.

Embracing change was the theme at this year’s conference. Marty Kandel, President of European Operations for Diamond Resorts International (DRI) explained “The past year has seen tremendous and effective changes at DRI and we’ve transformed into a true global hospitality brand committed to simplicity, choice and comfort. With more than 5,000 team members throughout 14 countries delivering exceptional levels of quality service to more than 360,000 members worldwide, I am pleased to have been invited to address the TATOC conference which has provided DRI with a unique opportunity to underscore our presence in Europe and substantiate our commitment to exceeding best practices in the vacation ownership industry.”

Vacation Property Resales sees this as an opportunity for owners to retain the value of their property. At the resale market, TATOC Accreditation would deliver great expectations for those looking to sell their properties; retaining the resale value of such vacation properties This would make these timeshares more desirable, and in-time TATOC Accredited Resorts would be sought after destinations, offering top-quality service and proven excellence! Your TATOC property will be so desirable that it will retain its value, compared to conventional timeshares on the resale market.

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