Friday, January 09, 2009

Year of the Bull greetings

As we kick off the new year of the Bull (2009), I got to thinking about timeshare, and I scanned the Internet for reasons to enjoy timeshare.
Reasons to like timeshare include;
• The kids will have their own bedroom.

• And television.

• So will your husband – but it did not seem politically correct to point that out.

• You’ll have your own barbecue, and a lot of other stuff.

• Rather than pay $9.99 for crappy pay-per-view hotel movies, most timeshare condos have DVD players.

• If you learn how to work the system you can enjoy virtually unlimited vacations in spacious one-and-two-bedroom condos for around RM400 ringgit a night, or even less.

• You can even save money on things ranging from car rentals to restaurants.

• Between points and lock-offs, floating time and split weeks, timeshare grows increasingly flexible.

• When you use it, and what ever tier you travel, you are getting a lot of value. Very few product deliver the bang for the buck the way timeshare does.

But timeshare is not for everyone.
There are reasons not to like timeshare. And, they include the following;
• It can limit flexibility. Depending on the program you own, you may not always be able to get the reservation you want at the destination you want to visit at the time you want to go there.

• With maintenance fees, taxes and membership fees it costs money whether you use the program or not (of course, if you don’t find a week each year to take a vacation, who’s fault is that).

• They don’t make your bed everyday – well they will but it’ll cost you RM50-100 ringgit for the extra room cleanup.

• You may not get shampoo and conditioner in the room, and you almost definitely won’t get a shower cap.

• Having a full kitchen can make you feel guilty if you want to go out to eat every meal. I can live with a little guilt.

Nevertheless, try to enjoy timeshare since you are already into it for the next 25 years. Ten years have lapsed since HGVC started.

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