Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Come for the next Annual general Meeting in Ipoh

Greetings to all members of HGVC.

For most of us a decade has past since we have/have not been "enjoying" the benefits of membership. For some of us, there were attendance at the inaugural Annual General meetings and the followed-up adjourned general meetings. For some, this membership has already been forgotten for one reason or another.

Let us make this year different from other years. After all, 10 years is not an easy period to have gone by. Get in touch with people whom you know are members of this Heritage Grand Vacation Club. Ask them for their membership numbers, if they can remember. Persuade them to come for this meeting. If not, get them to proxy you for this meeting.

The main reason why you should be doing this is because holding two meetings twice a year just because there are insufficient members turning up or not getting enough proxies to hold a legal meeting can be a drain on members’ time and expenses, especially those who reside outside Ipoh.

I urge you members to make this a special year. This time around, the CEO Mr. Edward Woo, has committed to attend and it would be the best to give a good turn out; for all questions/disputes etc can be directed at him who's the authority; unlike past AGMs when the operator was only represented by his Management staff without full executive authority. Come in full force to see how this 10th meeting is run and meet those who have been representing members-at-large. Or, perhaps, you would like to volunteer to be in this liaison committee group. It positions you in a very special relationship with the Operator and the Trustee. Have you met them in person?

So, see you there on 25th July, 2009.

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