Monday, July 28, 2008

HGVC new operations hours

Beginning from 1 sept 2008, HGVC Offices at (Kuala Lumpur HQ,Ipoh,Penang) have new working hours and will be from MONDAY TO FRIDAY (9AM-6PM). The offices will close on SATURDAYs, SUNDAYs and PUBLIC HOLIDAYs.


Rajiv, 016-2380045 said...

How come no one ever answers the phone calls?

Liaison Committee said...

Hello Rajiv,

Thank you for taking an effort to write in here.

I shall attempt to highlight this issue to HGVC representative at the coming LC meeting with them in the presence of the Trustee. Meeting is to be held in Ipoh on 13th December 2008 at 11am.