Saturday, July 12, 2008

TimeShare re-sale value 2003-2007

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If you had been thinking of selling off your timeshare, think again. Between the years of 2003 till last year, there was a survey done on the resale value of timeshare in the world.

Although our HGVC did not appear on the top 10 list, the other HGVC did. Maybe, they had not seriously done a survey of the Malaysian timeshare industry, at all. I believe that Berjaya Timeshare would also have the possibility of appearing on the world charts in this industry.

According to Stroman’s Top 10 Best Selling Timeshare Resorts were;
1.Sheraton Vistana Orlando, FL
2.The Manhattan Club, NY, NY
3.Orange Lake Country Club, Orlando, FL
4.Marriott’s Desert Springs Villas Palm Desert, CA
5.Hilton Grand Vacation Club Flamingo Las Vegas, NV
6.Hilton Grand Vacation Club Sea World Orlando, FL
7.Worldmark by Wyndham Resorts
8.Marriott’s Cypress Harbour, Orlando, FL
9.Marriott’s Desert Spring Villas II Palm Desert, CA
10.Marriott’s Grande Ocean Resort, Orlando, FL

And, the next chart showed the resale value over the survey period of 2003 to 2007.

There are important Trends to take note. For one, the ever expanding internet will continue to help timeshare resales. More timeshare resorts will be built. First time buyers will seek resort resale values. Consumers will fully understand that timeshare “Resale beats Retail” for
value. A timeshare multiple listing system will attract cooperating brokers. However, "caveat emptor"; Timeshare Resale Consumer advice buyers and sellers is to seek a timeshare specialized licensed broker to get resale advice. Title companies unfamiliar with timeshare closings may have difficulty qualifying and closing timeshare sales especailly when international legal matters are involved in the transaction.

The most common misconception is when today’s resale prices are compared to today’s new sale prices. That is usually followed by a negative statement about how they go down significantly in value. This is a significant disservice to timeshare consumer/owners by the media. The average time share resale is approximately 10 years old. Actual resale data of a particular resort can be compared to the sale price when it was originally sold. This result will give you a real gain or loss if you do not consider the opportunity costs or the time value of the monies invested.

If you like to read the whole report, this is the link.

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