Thursday, July 02, 2009

Complaint letter from En. Omar Othman

Mr. Toa Kim Meng
Deputy Chairman, Complaint Bureau
Heritage Grand Vacation Club BHD.
No. 556, Jalan Pasir Putih,
31650 Ipoh
Perak. [2nd July, 2009]

Dear Mr. Toa,

It is with regret that I have to write this letter to express my dissatisfaction over the services rendered by HERITAGE GRAND VACATION CLUB BERHAD.

1. Accrual carry forward to 2008
 In December 2007, I had approached one of the officers to accrue for the year 2008. During the same time, I had paid the yearly maintenance in cash. The persons at the front desk assured me that they will deal and arrange my accrual, and all I have to do was to fill up a form and sign it. The accrual for the year 2008 has the validity until 22nd January 2009.

Unfortunately, I submitted the request for 2008 beyond the timeframe and my entitlement was forfeited. I understand the situation of the forfeiture, however, the cooperation given by a Chinese pregnant lady, a Malay lady named Fasdzlin and Mr. Azhar Samsudin is unsatisfactory as he dodged my queries and failed to give full cooperation. As paying members, I am entitled to service and explanation by the clubs personnel and I am very dissatisfied with the way I was informed.  

2. Renewal for the year 2009
 On 8th of January 2009, I have submitted the accrual form, a request and the maintenance fee (cheque no. 856313 MAYBANK dated 8th January 2009) the cheque the request made are as follows
Place of stay - Travel Lodge Butterworth Penang

Requested room - 1  Duration of stay - 3 d 2 n (30th May 2009 - 1st June 2009

 On 13th January, I placed a call to Mr. Azhar to confirm my request and to my shock, he replied that he did not receive my accrual form and had only received the maintenance cheque and further queried me whether I have submitted the correct form to the Johor Bahru or Malacca office. As you know, both offices had been closed prior to the dates mentioned above. I am very puzzled as how did Mr. Azhar receive the maintenance cheque but did not receive my accrual form, as both were attached in the same letter. This has caused me problem, as I have to make a new documentation on my behalf.  

 This is not a personal attack to Mr. Azhar and the members of the club but as a team of Member Service Executive and its staff, they should be well informed about the situation regarding the Johor Bahru and Malacca office. Customer service is a very important part of the company as it is a service-oriented company and this is very burdening to customers. In my humble opinion, this type of incompetency is not tolerated for a service-oriented company such as yours.

3. Suggestions for improvement

 I hope that the company will consider re-opening the Johor Bahru or/and Malacca branch to cater for customers in the southern region of Malaysia. The objective of services is that for customers to save on their travel and holidays. Traveling and making calls to Kuala Lumpur defeats the purpose as it adds to our expenses.
Thank You
Omar bin Othman

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