Thursday, July 02, 2009

Letter to HGVC & LC

Hi Heritage,

As per yesterday visit to your Heritage office at Megan Avenue 1, Jln Tun Razak, I only found out that Heritage newsletter already run till Volume 15 for year 2009 but sadly we do not received any newsletter from your office. We do complain previously about not getting any new from your office but been told it on progress!!

FYI, from day one until now, we just received three issue which is dated back 2004 for volume 10 & 11 and 12 for year 2006. That it... How could this happen?? No one is keeping track on membership record which suppose to be!! By right this suppose to be your main priority to update your member from time to time but this seen not really happen. Beside the website has been inactive for so long and for so many year to come then. So, I do hope Heritage won’t keep members in the dark as our membership is not for short term period. Something has to done on your website if Heritage can't disseminate the information in usual way. . Worse still, the next coming AGM is going to be held on Saturday, 11am 25th July 2009 soon. So, where the Notice of 9th AGM for us.... Look like we might missed this time AGM and for so many thus past AGM as well.

This website is currently under construction.

As one of LCM of Awana Vocation, I have high expectation from Heritage to improve the services to members. Keep it up dear.. Don’t be too lazy… Do something for benefit of members vice versa. Please look into Heritage Hotel room which have a lot of shoe mark over the wall. At one time, I have to change 3 rooms to feel comfortable with stay. The wall and ceiling was damn dirty and air-con was not so cool.

Yea, I do remember something… something to do with purchase and installation of LCD Projector & PA System (sound system) for at Ipoh Heritage Hotel with expense of Heritage members sinking fun close to RM120K dated back Dec 2003. Why it involve sinking fun with have nothing to do with HGVC members benefit? Was HGVC fully own Heritage Hotel! Is not, then it sound silly for the fund to be approve for that usage. Could someone clarify on this matter? What is outcome of that was not clear that after as that wasn’t any report back for that. Whether it have been approve or otherwise!!!.

It was sad to know LC Chairman has passed away before 9th AGM.

Thanks & Warm Regards

Simon, Lim Beng Teong
General Insurance Consultant

Membership No: 225429
Agreement No: K100128


Anonymous said...

As of today in the new year of 2010, visit The latest issue icon is on the left side of the main webpage. Click on that for the Volumne 15.

Anonymous said...

Dear LC, HGVC,
Sice there are so many complaints and dissatisfaction, why can't you guys do something to improve it?
We has been putting money into is, and it is "heart break" to know that we are not having the least that we need !!