Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Complaint letter from Zakaria bin Kamis

The Manager, Heritage Grand Vacation Club Bhd.
C-2-2, Megan Avenue I,
No. 189, Jalan Tun Razak,
50400 Kuala Lumpur,

Dear Sir,

Re: Closing of HGVC Penang Branch & Booking Problem

With reference to the above, I would like to express my dissatisfaction and disappoinrnent due to the closing of HGVC Penang Branch. I went to the HGVC Penang on the 22 June 2009 and was informed that the branch will be closed due to cost cutting exercise. Thus all liaison and bookings with HGVC has to be done through HGVC Ipoh or HGVC KL.

2. For your information, I am a HGVC's Gold Member in Penang and so far I have been dealing with HGVC Penang Branch in all matters regarding HGVC. It was easy and convenient for me to go to Penang Branch to check on room availability, balance of my room eligibility and submitting my accrual form etc. Now, as the branch is closed, it is difficult for me to do the activity mentioned above and furthermore I have to contact them by telephone either to HGVC lpoh or HGVC KL.

3. On Wednesday morning (I July 2009) around 9.30am, I have submitted (faxed) my Holiday Request Form for December 2009 to HGVC lpoh (Fax No.: 05-2428870). Then, at about 12.00 noon I have made a call to HGVe lpoh (05-2428871) to check whether my request form has arrive at the office or not. However, the person who answered the phone told me that I have to call back after 1.00pm since the officer in charge for bookings is going out for lunch. At about 2.30pm I made another call to HGVC lpoh but nobody answered the call although the ringing tone was working perfectly (i.e. it was not engaged). I redialed several times and the results are the same.

4. Yesterday (2 July 2009) at about 9.40am, I made a call to HGVC Ipoh and was attended by a female officer. After asking about ny Holiday Request Form faxed yesterday, she told me that the office did not receive it and then informed me that all bookings for December 2009 are fully booked.

5. During my visit to HOVC Penang Branch on 22 June 2009, I was told that bookings for December 2009 will only start on I July 2009. That's why I submitted/faxed Holiday Request Form for December 2009 in the early morning of I July 2009. It was unlikely that the HGVC Ipoh did not
receive it.

6. I felt disappointed once again with this problem. As a member, I am very frustrated on the holiday booking procedures and do not know exactly when to place any bookings and how to obtain information on rooms availability. We, the members of HGVC, have paid the membership fee and made' payment for maintenance fee yearly and hope that we can get full benefit from HGVC's program.

7. Therefore, as a member of HGVC, I really hope and would like the Management to upgrade their system so that whatever correspondence and information from and to the members could be done smoothly and effectively. Furthermore, I also hope that HGVC will increase the number of rooms and resorts/hotels due to increase in demand therefore all members can benefit the program.

8. Lastly, I would like to give my opinion and still insist that HGVC Penang Branch should be maintaining for the convenience of members in the Northern Region. I hope the Management will reply this letter explaining to me on this matter.

Thank you.
Yours faithfully,

Membership No.: 10337111
Agreement No.: 15114
Membership Type: Gold Full Term

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